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Vision Statement

At Echo Geotechnical, we know our clients need as much data as possible before they drill, dig or load their sites. Our equipment is non-intrusive, quick and accurate. The integration of subsurface profiling with discrete drill holes and cone penetration tests (CPT) reveals the complexity of the subsurface by filling in the gaps in knowledge between test holes. This reduces the risk and costs associated with undetected hazards.

What We Do

Echo Geotechnical delivers continuous, high resolution, multi-attribute subsurface profiles, reducing risk and optimizing opportunities for our clients. We collect, process and interpret Shear moduli from SH reflection, MASW and compressional (P-wave) data in a single pass providing our clients with higher resolution images that are decision-ready for their geotechnical, mining or water resource applications

  • Cost efficient Vibroseis energy source and streamer with 72 3C receivers using minimal crew
  • Includes MASW acquisition, SH and P-wave in single pass
  • Non-intrusive - ideal for urban settings or dams and levees
  • Large number of channels recorded for full section - shallow to deep

Our Experience

Founder David Schieck’s decades of expertise in engineering and environmental seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation is a scarce commodity in the engineering seismic field.  Partnering David’s Geotechnical expertise and experience, with Echo Seismic’s acquisition resources in equipment, man-power and safety processes, provides a solid team and technology to meet any Geotechnical, Mining and Water Resources subsurface profiling problem.

Merging David’s background and Echo Seismic’s equipment expertise has generated advanced, innovative technology with the ‘Shear wave land streamer’. Large capacity exploration seismic equipment repurposed and combined with leading edge Vibroseis control electronics plus best-in-market GPS enables revolutionary, non-intrusive subsurface profiling for near surface soils investigations.

Our Technology

Recent developments in full wavefield recording devices, higher resolution equipment and advances in data processing has enabled Echo Geotechnical to develop and test a low cost, non-intrusive shear source towing a series of equally spaced (1 m) 72 X 3-component receivers. This new configuration facilitates acquisition of continuous lines of data with 0.5m lateral sampling for shear wave velocity of the near surface soils using MASW processing (<6m) while at the same time acquiring shear-wave reflection AND P-wave reflections data (>6m). This system is capable of continuously acquiring accurate data within the range of 0-200m depth at a rate of 3-4km/day with a 3-5 person crew at 0.5m lateral sampling.