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At Echo Environmental and Geotechnical Services (“Echo Geotech”) we know our clients need as much sub-surface information as possible before they drill, dig or load their sites, and they need this information collected in a non-intrusive, rapid, accurate and cost effective way. At Echo Geotech we believe subsurface profiles acquired using our Land Streamer equipment, and processed and interpreted using state-of-the-art seismic technology, reveals much more about the complexity of the subsurface. We integrate these profiles with available drill holes and cone penetration tests (CPT) to fill in the gaps in knowledge between those discrete sampling points while validating the interpretation of the subsurface profiles. This integrated approach reduces the risk and costs associated with undetected hazards for geotechnical, mining and water resource applications.

Subsurface Profiling

Echo Geotechnical delivers continuous, high resolution, subsurface profiles, reducing risk and optimizing opportunities for our clients. We collect, process and interpret data, providing our clients with images and data that are decision-ready. Our multi-component land streamer system design allows Echo Geotechnical to simultaneously employ multiple techniques to extract subsurface physical properties for geotechnical, mining and hydrogeological problems.

At Echo Geotechnical, we know our clients need as much data as possible before they drill, dig or load their sites.

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