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Our Technology

Integration is key.

Acquisition Technology

Our Technology

  • Proven oil and gas seismic hardware integrated with new shear wave technology for shallow profiling
  • Real-time sub-meter accurate GPS location integrated with data recording
  • State-of-the-art Vibroseis electronics monitoring of sweeps
  • Three-component full wavefield receivers means MASW, SH AND P-wave data collection in a single pass

Our Competitive Edge - Acquisition

  • High resolution imaging from surface to 200m
  • Cost efficient Vibroseis energy source and land streamer, suitable for urban environments using minimal crew
  • Non-intrusive - ideal for urban settings or dams and levees
  • Rapid positioning and processing in the field to ensure data collection incorporates geological learnings in real-time

Survey Integration

Our Technology

  • Realtime GPS with decimeter accuracy for timing, equipment positioning and data recording
  • Integration with Vibroseis electronics
  • Roving survey packs allow accurate positioning of our data recording and tying into key on-site engineering elements such as drill holes, surface infrastructure and/or hazards

Our Competitive Edge - Survey

  • Improved accuracy in data and key element positioning means
    • reduced amplification of errors in data processing
    • avoid degradation of the final interpretation
  • Real-time positioning allows rapid integration of geological learnings while in the field

Processing Methodology

Our Methodology

  • Adapt sophisticated oil Industry standard processing algorithms to near surface profiles
  • Algorithms specifically designed to seamlessly manage the output data records from the newly developed land streamer
  • Full wave form processing including Shear wave (MASW and SH-wave reflection) and Compression or P-wave data

Our Competitive Edge - Processing

  • Rare depth of experience processing near surface reflection data as well as high resolution 3D oil industry data volumes
  • Oil industry standard processing algorithms deliver superior results to simpler engineering processing software
  • High resolution imaging in low velocity soils
  • Shear modulus estimates delivered for engineering analysis
  • Final results often available within 24 hours to enable important timely decisions in the field

Interpretation Deliverables

Our Methodology and Deliverables

  • Oil Industry standard seismic interpretation software has been modified for geotechnical applications
    • Well spots, logs and soil types can be integrated with the seismic profiles to tie the profiles to drill or CPT locations.
    • Horizons or lithologic boundaries are interactively “picked” along the profiles and can be exported as ASCII or excel databases.
    • Seismic times can be converted to depth and contours can be generated for each layer that tie the drill logs.
    • Velocity sections are generated and overlaid on the seismic profiles to identify layer characteristics

Our Competitive Edge - Interpretation

  • Oil industry standard deliverables ready for integration to geotechnical workflows including:
    • Stratigraphic and structural profiles validated with available well and CPT data
    • Lithologic horizons ready for integration with other engineering datasets
    • Velocity sections overlain on seismic profiles for geotechnical or hydrogeological modeling
    • Estimates of engineering parameters such as shear modulus
  • Quickly identify subsurface features such as tunnels, fluids, low shear strength materials and buried channels.