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Water Resources Applications

Buried Channels, Water Exploration, Potential Contaminant Pathways

Buried Channels

The problem
  • Well records, outcrops, and exploratory drilling are currently used to identify buried channels
  • Existing water well reports can be lacking in rural areas where few water wells exist.
  • Other geophysical methods such as resistivity and high-resolution airborne EM may locate approximate locations but cannot accurately characterize the extent, depth and infill material of these valleys.
The problem
  • Discrete boreholes used for Water Exploration often miss complex lateral soil changes

Water Exploration

Potential Contaminant

The problem
  • Tailings ponds containing toxic chemicals need to be frequently monitored to prevent release
  • Recent dam collapses indicate underlying soil weakness not previously identified
  • Common monitoring methods including drilling and CPT’s require intrusive investigation of these dams